5 Biggest New Social Media Features You Must Know in 2022

1. Instagram is working on a new feature named 'Candid Challenges'.

Meta has confirmed that Instagram is releasing a new feature IG Candid Challenges. This will also encourage users to post candid pictures of themselves at random times throughout the day. Again major social media platforms have always taken features from each other, so this isn’t a new ordeal. Still, it does make it harder for social media innovators to carve out new platforms.

2. Instagram is working on "Plan an event"

This option enables users can creating reels, posts, stories, etc. It could be more useful for all users. For example, creators could use it to schedule events enjoying the launch of new songs or products from their line. And they can immediately share it with their followers about it. Event planning through Instagram is also excellent for companies and brands to let followers participate in creations, birthday parties, product launches and success meet.

3. Instagram is working on "Reels."

Instagram is working on the process of creating Reels visible only to close friends. The upcoming features are expected to launch soon. When officially launched, users can share their reels with the public or only to close friends. Meanwhile, the features don’t impact the user’s privacy.

4. Meta launched the first end-to-end shopping experience on WhatsApp.

We can browse & buy products from JioMart all in a chat. Reliance JioMart ties up with WhatsApp to deliver groceries, vegetables, and daily essentials. With this partnership with meta and in collaboration with the WhatsApp team, we intend to build out native features that will not only help users shop seamlessly on WhatsApp but will also help retailers increase stock varieties, improve margins and get them closer to possibly a larger base of customers never like before

5. Snapchat launches Dual Camera for all Snapchatters

Snapchat dual camera feature was launched to simultaneously let users record content using front-back snappers. Snapchat dual camera feature was introduced on Monday as a new way to allow snap chatters to capture two perspectives simultaneously. The new feature will let you simultaneously use the front and back cameras to capture photos and videos. Snap’s camera is one of the most used cameras in the world. The company says the dual camera feature comes with four layouts, and snap chatters can use creative tools such as music stickers and lenses to make the content. As per the company, the Snapchat dual camera will be available globally on ios today, with Android support coming in the next few months. 

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